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got to our floor and didn’t give each
other so much as a hug goodnight Xtime Videos – Joslyn. Without hesitation, I grabbed the collar
of her shirt and ripped half of it off in
one motion
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“You know what I meant,

“What can I do for you girls?” Was the only thing I could muster up to say….

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, Click here. Davis,” Harriett Taggert quickly replied, “it's certainly not your fault that Quincy was caught riding in a stolen car, smoking marijuana, shop lifting, and of course, probably the worst offense of all, having sex with a mulitude of partners, no, these were things that she did on her own and will have to pay the consequences for!!!”

“I realize that,” Joan Davis replied softly, “but how in the world are you going to be able to control her, we've simply tried everything!?!” “That's right, teach,” Quincy crowed, feeling that no matter what this old biddy tried it would be of no use, “I'm gonna walk outta here within three days, and you can book it!!!” A small smile broke across Harriett Taggert's face as she stood up and moved over to a door in the rear of her office, and after opening it up said softly, “Now, if you'll please follow me, we can get things wrapped up so your mother can leave!!!” With a smug look on her face, Quincy stood up and made a point of stretching her arms and legs in a manner that said “everything's fine and I'm going to beat you at this”, and then with a little shrug of her shoulders, she and her mother followed Harriett Taggert into the next room!!! Sensing immediately that this was not a room she wished to be in, Quincy pressed herself up against the wall and watched with trepidation as Harriett Taggert readied what looked like a doctor's examining table!!! “W-what's that for,” Quincy asked nervously while Mz

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