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Me: I'm finally all moved into my new apartment! It's so exciting to finally live on my own Puba – Dahlia Sky Self. We'd never actually met and didn't quite know what to say
SuperExplicit and B-Dragon part 1 (10 min) 1

Couples SuperExplicit and B-Dragon part 1 (10 min)

We heard the shower running as Fran washed my cum off of her ass, and a couple minutes later she slowly walked back into the room with a towel wrapped around her and stood next to the bed looking at us, I got a better look as she ran to the bathroom….

SuperExplicit and B-Dragon part 1 (10 min) 2

Best Blow Jobs Ever SuperExplicit and B-Dragon part 1 (10 min) Twinkstudios

The rest of the week Joe spends his time studying, going jogging with Maryse, gyming and hanging out with Andy, Click here.

“Next time we do it slower OK?”

He nods and she touches his cheek

“Let’s get dressed, we want to look respectable at least”

Joe chuckles softly and helps her from the desk

“You know Reese, this is going to be a very long season”

She chuckles and slips her hotpants on

“Aww will my baby have no time for me?”

Joe laughs softly as he slips on his boxers and jeans

“Just saying that you are going to have one very tired boyfriend at times”

Maryse slips on a t-shirt and shorts

“That’s OK, but just be sure that you are going to sleep a lot more than usual”

Joe slips on his shirt and sits down on her bed

“I can believe that”

She giggles and crawls onto the bed to sit next to him, wrapping his arms around her, she tilts her head to look at him

“I’m a bit curious”

Joe raises his eyebrows

“You know what curiosity did to the cat”

“I’m not a cat honey”

“But you have one”

She laughs and shoves her shoulder against him

“Oh hush you”

She settles into his arms again

“You know those stories about me right?”


“Which one do you not believe?”

Joe thinks for a while

“Well apart from the three bikers…”

She looks around


He nods

“Yes that is how the story goes

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